Friday, October 06, 2006

Single Parenting

Well I'm down to the wire, in about 11 hours daughter will fall asleep and when she wakes up wife will be home and my annual week of single parenting will be over. Wife has spent the past week in Houston at her yearly conference so I've been the only adult at home.

It's not a true representation of what real single parents go through, of course. For one thing wife is coming back and for another I take the week off work just to chill and spend time with daughter. Nonetheless I have grown to love this week of the year, where I used to dread it. I spend lots of time with daughter, and prior to her going to school was the principal daytime caregiver, but the mother/child bond is not one that is easily replaced. Try as I might I am not her mother, and never will be, but our relationship is strong (if a bit testy on occasion).

When daughter was 3 or 4 and wife went away I would dread the time, but now that daughter's interests have changed this one week of single parenting is a blast; plus getting to have pizza for dinner twice in five days is a major bonus. Additionally the conference came early this year so I was able to watch daytime playoff baseball, although unable to drink beer while doing so.

The one who suffers in this will be wife, who doesn't touch ground until midnight, because at 7 AM daughter will be all over her, whereas I can finally sleep in for the first time in a week.

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