Friday, October 27, 2006

Week 8 Selections

Last Week - 2-0 +$200

Year to Date - 6-8-1

Cyberbalance - $2270

Well that was easy - just bet on the two teams from New York. Seriously I seem to do much better when I only pick two games so even though I like Kansas City giving 5 1/2 points against Seneca Wallace, and I also like the Redskins getting 23 1/2 against "Bye Week" (who are those guys ?), I'm going to curb my enthusiasm and bet only two games.

I'm putting $100 each on New England +2 1/2 versus Minnesota because, well their New England and they are getting points, and $100 on Green Bay -3 over Arizona because I don't think Matt Leinart can outduel Brett Favre at Lambeau Field.

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