Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week 5 Selections

Last Week - 2-0 +$200

Year to Date - 4-4 +$20

CyberBalance - $2520

Well there, that was better, even if I did have to sweat out the Rams win and was blissfully unaware that Cleveland was getting killed early. The bottom line is I went 2-0 last week and have now made $20 through 4 weeks of wagering; which works out to $5 a week, or roughly the same amount I could make assembling Nikes in a third world country.

This week was full of other activities but I still found a couple of games I like. First off I'm taking Kansas City giving 3 points in Arizona because........ well KC has looked pretty good and Arizona have looked like Arizona so $100 on KC. My second pick is just plain stupid but it's time to back my team with more than blood, sweat and curses so I'm taking Washington getting 4 1/2 in the Meadowlands against the Giants........ there I said it Washington +4 1/2 for $100, now I can move on.

I also like San Francisco giving 3 1/2 at home against Oakland and Minnesota giving 6 at home to the Lions but lets just keep it to 2 games this week.

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