Friday, October 13, 2006

Week 6 Selections

Last Week - 1-0-1 <$120>

Year to Date - 4-5-1

CyberBalance - $2400

Oh the travails of a gambler, my Redskins were never in it so I knew I was down $110 early but Kansas City teased, first looking like outright losers then driving to a first and goal from the seven ........ touchdown wins it and I'm only down the juice...... but no they settle for the field goal and the push. Bastards !

This week the Detroit Lions opened as 1 1/2 point favourites at home but the line has moved a ton ..... so that Buffalo are now giving a point in Detroit, I'm taking the Bills giving a point for $100. So two weeks ago the Seahawks looked like world beaters dismantling a pretty good Giants team, then last week the Hawks looked...... well not so good, I'm still taking Seattle for $100 giving 3 points against St. Louis and finally I'm giving the 10 1/2 points on the road and betting $100 on the Bears over Arizona, in fact I'm betting $100 on the Bears every week until they lose.

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