Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All I want for Christmas

So it's nearing a conclusion, the whole manic Christmas thing. The raw, unbridled, in your face commercialism is pretty much taken care of and now I can get down to the parts I enjoy. The food, the friends and the ability to put Bailey's in your coffee at any time of the day because "Hey, it's Christmas".

I put most of the shopping to bed last Monday, the 14th. I had to grab a couple of "stocking stuffers" today but mostly I missed the mall madness and New York crowded sidewalks. I don't mind the shopping, it's a good exercise in refreshing yourself on your partner's needs and wants, although the actual cash outlay is damned painful even if wife is not very demanding.

So now, with the Grands less than an hour away, a ham in the oven and spare time before I need to head to the kitchen again I can crack open a Fuller's London Pride and reflect upon my own commercial wants.

I'm at an age where I have most things so really my list is short, and generally can be repeated annually:

Black Socks - wool, light weight, mid calf

Undershirts - white, cotton, V neck

Books (fiction) - one or two good mysteries, Michael Dibden, Lee Childs, James Lee Burke and the classics like Chandler and Ellroy are among my favorite authors of the genre so that gives some style ideas.

Cook Books - tougher as I have 60 some and most of the essentials but a really good "fish" cookbook, the latest Weber BBQ Bible, something dedicated to bread and a charcuterie primer would all make me smile. I prefer books that are as good a read as they are a recipe book so literary ability of the author matters.

A long sleeved polo/henley style shirt - dark colour, 100% cotton.

Some sort of cool kitchen tool.

An I Tunes gift card allows me to continue to restock my James Brown, reggaeton, Dance Hall, classic rock sections of the shuffle (even I can't believe some of the stuff I listen to - no Fleet Foxes though).

Something chocolate-ish, maybe a bit gooey with some caramel involved is always appreciated.

A good bottle, malt whisky or bourbon.

Oh yeah, world peace and the lotto numbers would be appreciated as well if you manage it.

Anyway, I hope all is well in your world and that the holidays bring you warmth and happiness.

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