Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Streak has Ended

Daughter has finally "not answered the bell", after a previously perfect attendance record, for illness, today she was unable to go to school. Mark it down December 10th of her Grade Five year the dream dies.

She had made an effort to take a day off in 2nd Grade, testing the waters I believe, but I sensed a lack of true illness and told her that if she was truly sick that was fine but there would be no TV or goofing off, sick meant bed rest and at best, reading.

She was back at school for first recess.

Today was a different story, last night at Soccer practice she excused herself due to stomach pains and when we got home opted for a bath and early bed, I thought all might be well. However the first cookie toss came at 7:30 pm and followed almost hourly until 10:30. Daughter then slept on the living room floor for 30 minutes or so until I carried her to bed. She is not running a fever, and has no secondary symptoms so I feel confident that this is just a bug but nonetheless the streak is over.

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