Friday, December 11, 2009

They'll wish They hadn't Messed with VANOC

My news wires locally were abuzz yesterday with the revelation that local police had uncovered over 100,000 tabs of ecstasy while responding to a 911 call.

CBC News carries a full report which details that the occupants of the house had been arrested.

Now given British Columbia's rather lax approach to jail time for drug related offenses it's not surprising that Vancouver has become a mecca for the production and distribution of ecstasy. The threat of nominal criminal time is a small risk when compared to the large sums of money that can be made from manufacturing the illegal drug. Vancouver's geographical situation with a deep water port and easy access to the vast American market make it a natural when coupled with the local judicial system.

However these particular entrepreneurs made a huge mistake my friends, after all it's one thing to have huge quantities of illegal substances in your possession but these wastrels had actually stamped many of the tabs of "E" with the Olympic Ring Logo.

And for that they will pay, I guarantee it.

In a battle betwen who these alleged drug manufacturers should fear most, the VPD or the VANOC's commercial rights division my money's on VANOC.

The keepers of the flame will nail these guys asses to the wall whereas the court system will be unlikely to come up with more than 6-8 months jail time, adjusted for time served of course.

The lesson that will come out of this will be clear:

We're not crazy about you manufacturing or distributing ecstasy in our city but you sure as Hell better pay the piper if you want to use the Olympic Brand.

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