Friday, May 05, 2006

Fearless Playoff Predictions - Round 2

Western Conference

San Jose vs. Edmonton

I would much rather have seen "The Battle of Alberta" but this should be a great series regardless. I think the goaltending is about even but San Jose has a lot of firepower and Marleau seems to be on a mission.
Sharks in 6.

Anaheim vs. Colorado

Anaheim looked very solid in round 1 and I didn't see one minute of the Colorado-Dallas series BUT I clearly remember what happened the last time Colorado acquired an unhappy Hab goalie late in the season.
Avalanche in 7

Eastern Conference

Ottawa vs. Buffalo

Have I mentioned that I hate the Senators ? Start at the Fairgrounds and end up at the National Art Centre ? I hope not, but I don't like Buff's chances against a clearly better team. I'm holding my nose.
Senators in 6

Carolina vs. New Jersey

Yeah I know they've gotta lose sometime, and they won't sweep, but Marty's on a mission and the Boys from the Swamp look like world beaters.
Devils in 6.

That would set up Joe Sr. vs. Joe Jr. on one side and Marty vs. a bunch of "snivelling haven't won anythings" on the other side, I think you know which way I'd be leaning in the East.

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