Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oops - 0 for 4

OK I took the collar - three out of the four I could rationally see happening but I wouldn't have given Carolina any hope at all over "Joisey".

I'm not going to try and call the semis but I gotta believe somewhere in the NHL head office there are virgins being lined up to sacrifice to prevent a Buffalo-Edmonton Final. What a blockbuster that would be for the media.

On a couple of side notes - I will be pulling for Edmonton to try and bring the cup North of the 49th. Had the Senators been the only Canadian team left I would have been the biggest Carolina fan in Canada - OK the only Carolina fan in Canada.

Oh and hey "how 'bout them Sens" - once again the paper tigers are bounced by a "lesser" team, and boy did Daniel Alfredsson look great as a pylon while the legendary Jason Pominville went around him to score the series winner. Hey Alfie - those 2 goals were the same number as that renowned leader Petr Nedved notched in this year's playoffs. At least Sen's management is vowing not to make any major changes so we have another spirited playoff from the nation's capital to look forward to next year.

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