Friday, May 26, 2006

Random Thoughts

Montenegro has voted to exercise its' independence from Serbia - so how will this affect their World Cup entry ?
Perhaps they could work out something with Trinidad and Tobago, maybe"Trinidad and Montenegro" and "Serbia and Tobago".
Weren't "Trinidad and Montenegro" a salsa act in the early '70's ?

Based on my superb record in the Stanley Cup playoffs I may not make my World Cup predictions until after the games are played. I don't like Scotland's chances any less this year than in the years in which they actually qualify.

Local media expert Bob Marjanovich (shouldn't he be "the Marj" not "the Moj") has taken the brave route of publishing his daily SportsAction picks in "The Province" - yesterday he was 0-3, I'll keep you updated.

Scientists have confirmed that HIV started with wild chimpanzees in a remote corner of Cameroon, which brings back Frank Zappa's immortal quote "Who plooked the green monkey ?".

I hate to say anything nice about the BC Liquor Distribution branch but they have a pretty cool online service which lets you find out what stores in your area carry products you are looking for. Just go to and click on "search for products by store", type in the 6 digit CPU in the box top right and it will tell you which stores carry the product and how much they have on hand. Excellent for tracking down the Bonarda.

BrokeBack Mounties.

There's a nice BBQ red on sale, until Sunday, at the BCLDB this month - Redbank Long Paddock Shiraz/Cabernet, CSPC#556811, $12.99 (regularly $14.99). The wine has a better acid backbone than most Aussies of the same price point and is a good compliment to red meats off the grill. Check out the supply at your local at

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