Saturday, May 27, 2006

A New Standard for Leaf Mocking

As a Leafs fan I am constantly mocked about the fact that our last Cup win was in 1967. While this is all well and good it should be noted that two of the more vocal mockers in my life are fans of the Boston Bruins (last win 1972) and Philadelphia Flyers (last win 1975).

So I have adopted a new standard for Leaf mocking. Currently Chris Chelios and Steve Yzerman are the NHL's longest tenured veterans, both having entered the league in the 1983-84 season. The new standard shall be that unless your team has won the Cup while any player still playing was active you may not mock the Leafs "lack of Cup", there are still lots of Leaf mocking possibilities but if you haven't won the cup since 1984 I will not tolerate any '67 mocking.

So Flyers, Bruins and Islanders fans I'm sorry your "Cup mockings" have no merit.

As for Senators (1923) and Vancouver (Millionaires 1915) fans - please forgive me but piss off, if you haven't won the Cup since before the introduction of "talkies" I have no time for your pitiful bleatings.

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