Monday, May 15, 2006

Hearts Win

It wasn't easy, it never is with this team, but on Saturday Hearts of Midlothian prevailed over Gretna to win the Scottish Cup for the seventh time.

The game went a full 120 minutes before Hearts were able to prevail 4-2 on penalty kicks and put an exclamation mark on a strange and wonderful season. Under the new ownership of Lithuanian gazillionaire Vladimar Romanow Hearts not only won the Scottish Cup but qualified for next year's Champions League. Romanow also fired 2 or 3 head coaches (it's tough to keep track), is being sued by the agent of one of his better players, alienated the team's top scorer and claims that it was a "conspiracy of the parasites in the game" that denied Hearts 1st place in the SPL.

Should be an interesting upcoming year.

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